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Jepower Overview 

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Guangzhou Economic & Technological Development Zone, Jepower Technology (Guangzhou Jiebao Technology Co.,Ltd) is a professional supplier and information service provider of intelligent terminals and solutions for the IoT field.

The company has been specializing in the R & D and production of handheld and desk type multifunctional intelligent terminals (PDA and POS) and providing professional and superior customized product development services (ODM) for industry customers for more than 10 years.

Jepower Technology (Guangzhou Jiebao Technology Co.,Ltd) has been adhering to independent R & D and innovation all the time. Based on its solid technical strength, rigorous quality control system, 12 years of industry application experience;it has been awarded the honors such as “High-Tech Enterprise”, “Affirmed Software Enterprise”, “ISO9001 International Quality Management System Certification Enterprise”, “China AAA Grade Quality Credit Enterprise”, “Recommended Enterprise for the Model Selection of Products Required for the Construction and Transformation of Power Grids Nationwide”, and “Bid Winner of China Telecom Administration and Enterprise Information Smart Logistics Project”. It has been a strategic partner of the large state-owned enterprises such as State Grid, China Southern Power Grid, China Mobile and China Telecom for years. 

In the fields such as logistics, warehousing, manufacturing and shops, Jepower high-performance barcode scanning and RFID handheld intelligent terminal (PDA) has been applied to the collection, dispatch and sorting of goods, the production line management, materials checking, and management of outgoing and incoming products in the manufacturing industry, the commodity checking, processing and sales inquiry of chain stores, the mobile nursing and medicine management of the medical industry, the parking charges of governments and public utilities, greatly enhancing working efficiency. For many years, it has finished numerous projects by cooperating with more than 300 prestigious and well-known companies, such as JD Logistics, China Air Express, Yuxin Logistics, Manco Logistics, E-ROAD Logistics, Hotwind, Dashenlin Pharmacy, Hankook Tire, Pearl River Beer, Huiquan Beer, and Oppein, gaining abundant product development and project operation experiences.

Meantime in these fields: electric power, water supply, and fuel gas, the PDA has been applied to meter reading and fees collection, on-site operation, circuit inspection, and equipment operation and maintenance. We has established long-term in-depth cooperation with more than 20 provincial-level electric power companies of the State Grid Corporation of China and China Southern Power Grid as well as over 100 water supply and fuel gas companies nationwide including Yingtan Water Supply Group, Mianyang Water Group, Qinhuangdao Water Supply Bureau, Benxi Water Bureau, Huangshan Water Bureau, Shouchuang Water, Hongcheng Water Industry, Ganzhou Water Group, Chuantou Water Group, Zhongshan Public Utilities Water, Shenyang Gas, Gezhouba Gas, CR Gas, and Towngas.

Jepower Technology (Guangzhou Jiebao Technology Co.,Ltd) is the earliest manufacturer launching Android All-In-One multifunctional intelligent POS in China. Currently, its products include handheld, horizontal type, vertical type, cabinet type, single screen and dual screen ones. Besides the functions such as printing, NFC, magnetic strip card, contact IC card, second-generation ID card recognition, fingerprint recognition, face recognition, iris recognition, and scanning payment, these products can be connected with all kinds of peripherals such as code keyboards, scanning guns, scanning boxes, receipt printers, kitchen printers, and card readers. The multifunctional intelligent POS has been widely applied to the fields such as payment, inspection of bills and notes, traceability, social security, lottery, and registration of visitors by cooperating with the prestigious Internet platforms and companies of Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu as well as famous software companies and system integrators in the fields such as social security, lottery, registration of visitors, and traceability.

Jepower has powerful strength and abundant experience in developing custom-made Android systems. In addition, it has a good command of basic solution development technology for MTK and Rockchip as well as abundant experience in industry applications to provide customized solutions and one-stop development of customized products for customers from various industries. So far, it has successfully implemented plenty of custom-made projects such as intelligent terminals for on-site services, PDA dedicated to high speed trains, handheld terminals for special industries, POS for buses, terminals integrating social security and finance, and Internet-based intelligent POS. The customized services provided by Jepower boast reasonable charges, rapid development speed, and high cost performance, receiving unanimous praises from numerous users for a long time.

Besides the market in China, we have obtained remarkable achievements in international markets in recent years as well. We have gained more than 500 customers and partners in Southeast Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Australia, receiving extensive recognition from overseas users. We have established several service and support centers in some countries and regions as well as a branch company in the USA.

Based on its mission “Improve efficiency with S & T, make benefits with professionalism”, Jepower will promote the development of IoT and its applications and join hands with numerous customers and partners to make industry application solutions in a comprehensive manner and actively make the society more intelligent so as to make people enjoy efficient work and comfortable life.

Smart Jepower, Smart World.


Jepower's chronicle of events in 12 years


Jepower Technology co., Ltd was founded and specializes in designing, researching and developing, manufacturing and selling smart terminals.


Launch A188 series which is the first three-proofings power meter reader at industrial level with own intellectual property rights in China. Its water- and dust-proofing functions are qualified with international IP65 criteria, anticollision against falling from 1.5m height. A188 series is also the first to use ARM kernel and achieve complete graphic interface, which set the new standard for power meter reader industry.


Further develop the application in long-distance meter reader of smart power grid and power supply smart monitor. The smart terminal series are widely used in various power supply enterprises such as State Grid and China Southern Power Grid.


Obtain three-standard integration certificate, namely “ISO9001,ISO14001,OHSAS18001” international management system.


Propose the strategic goal- “be the most professional smart terminal solution supplier and information service provider in the internet of things industry.”


Overall expand the center industries in the internet of things, including smart power grid, smart business, smart industry, smart logistics, smart medical care and smart education. 


Obtain international software CMMILevel 3 certificate.


The company is awarded “new prominent enterprise of the year” in the China business informationalizationconference, and the commercial POS terminal E308 is granted “the most potential new product of the year”.


Launch the POS terminal which is the first to carry Android 4.0 operation system in China, and play a leading role in intelligent era of terminal settlement.


Won the 2013 China Commercial Information Technology Industry Conference highest award "Outstanding Enterprise".


Attend Cebit exhibition in Hanover, Germany. Awarded China's top ten brands of POS machines.Launch the HT380A handheld terminal which is quad-core cpu and Android 4.2.2 OS.


Launch the T508A(Q) pos terminal which is quad-core cpu and Android 4.2.2 OS. Became partner of China Food and Drug Administration, HT380 handheld terminal is widely used in the field of drug retroactive.


Become joint stock company on "New OTC Market" .


Launched the first android eight-core handheld terminal, industrial tablet .


Become a signing partner of China Telecom's smart logistics industry.
Introduced a variety of 4 core / 8 core touch screen smart cash register..

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