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JieBao Overview 

GuangZhou JieBao Technology Co.,Ltd which was established in 2006 and located in Junye Road, Economic And Technological Development Zone, Guangzhou, is a supplier and information service provider of smart terminal and solution for the internet of things industry.

JieBao has devoted to building and applying internet of things over the years. Relying on core intelligent technology and reliable products with perfect solutions, it has been rewarded “high and new tech enterprises”, “software enterprise certificate” “ISO9001international quality management system certification enterprises”, “CMMILevel 3 certification enterprises”, “AAA level China Quality Credit Enterprise” and “the recommending enterprise selected for national power grid construction and reform”. And its products are widely used in the internet of things industry such as smart power grid, smart business and smart logistics.

In the field of smart power grid, JieBao took the lead in boosting the intelligent development and application of Long-distance Meter Reading, Power Load Management Terminal, Transformer Terminal Unit, high/low voltage reactive compensation device, voltage monitor, and power routing inspection system device. It provides superior systematic solution for provincial administration of power supply in State Grid and China Southern Power Grid, serving as a pioneer in applying internet of things industry to smart power grid.

In the field of smart business, JieBao specializes in various smart terminals that integrate barcode technology and RFID, products such as cash register, financial POS, handheld terminal, electronic scale, scanner, bill printer, solutions and information service.

In the field of smart logistics, JieBao focuses on logistic management and sets up logistic digital management by intelligent technology, finally fulfills smart operation in all stages including storage, package, loading-unloading, route plan and risk control.

According to the national 12th 5-Year plan for the internet of things industry, in order to propel building smart city in different regions, JieBao promotes deep application of internet of things in various fields, among which smart power grid, smart business and smart logistics are the key area, and provides all-round technical support and solution,  depending on the superior resource and project experience.

JieBao bears the mission of “enhancing efficiency by science and technology, producing profits by expertise” to meet the needs of society and industry, establish all-round industry application solution, promote the development of internet of things in society at large, and build a smart commercial society for better work and life.

Smart JieBao creates a world connected by things. JieBao devotes to promoting the technology of internet of things and makes contribution to the development of society informatization and intelligentization

JieBao's chronicle of events in 10 years


JieBao Technology co., Ltd was founded and specializes in designing, researching and developing, manufacturing and selling smart terminals.


Launch A188 series which is the first three-proofings power meter reader at industrial level with own intellectual property rights in China. Its water- and dust-proofing functions are qualified with international IP65 criteria, anticollision against falling from 1.5m height. A188 series is also the first to use ARM kernel and achieve complete graphic interface, which set the new standard for power meter reader industry.


Further develop the application in long-distance meter reader of smart power grid and power supply smart monitor. The smart terminal series are widely used in various power supply enterprises such as State Grid and China Southern Power Grid.


Obtain three-standard integration certificate, namely “ISO9001,ISO14001,OHSAS18001” international management system.


Propose the strategic goal- “be the most professional smart terminal solution supplier and information service provider in the internet of things industry.”


Overall expand the center industries in the internet of things, including smart power grid, smart business, smart industry, smart logistics, smart medical care and smart education. 


Obtain international software CMMILevel 3 certificate.


The company is awarded “new prominent enterprise of the year” in the China business informationalizationconference, and the commercial POS terminal E308 is granted “the most potential new product of the year”.


Launch the POS terminal which is the first to carry Android 4.0 operation system in China, and play a leading role in intelligent era of terminal settlement.


Won the 2013 China Commercial Information Technology Industry Conference highest award "Outstanding Enterprise".


Attend Cebit exhibition in Hanover, Germany. Awarded China's top ten brands of POS machines.Launch the HT380A handheld terminal which is quad-core cpu and Android 4.2.2 OS.


Launch the T508A(Q) pos terminal which is quad-core cpu and Android 4.2.2 OS. Became partner of China Food and Drug Administration, HT380 handheld terminal is widely used in the field of drug retroactive.


Become joint stock company on "New OTC Market" .


Launched the first android eight-core handheld terminal, industrial tablet .


Become a signing partner of China Telecom's smart logistics industry.
Introduced a variety of 4 core / 8 core touch screen smart cash register..

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